ABC Bicycle services everything we sell. We have a complete parts and accessories department as well as a full-service repair shop.

ABC Bicycle Service works on all makes and models of bicycles. We have many years of experience repairing and maintaining bicycles, put, we know bikes. When you bring your bicycle to ABC Bicycle Service, you can be sure our mechanics will do the job correctly and carefully. 

ABC Bicycle Parts and Accessories

Prices are subject to change without notice

SAFETY CHECK (Mini Tune-up) – $35.95

  • Basic check and adjustment of bike for safe use.
  • Frame wiped
  • All major fixings checked
  • Brake and gears checked and adjusted
  • Hubs and headset adjusted
  • Cables and Chain lube
  • Tires pumped

This service is only a check of the bike’s condition overall and does not include the disassembly and inspection of bearings. Parts needed will be at additional cost and increased labor.

GENERAL SERVICE (Tune-up) – $65.00

  • Complete check and adjustment of the bike
  • Frame Wiped
  • All major fixings checked
  • The headset and bottom bracket checked
  • Brakes adjusted for wear pivots lubed, pads cleaned. (disc rotors, caliper cleaned and adjusted)
  • Gear cables and derailleur pivots, lube, and alignment checked
  • Chain wiped and oiled
  • The tire inspected and pumped

Parts needed will be at additional cost and possibly increased labor.


Our most popular service, like a birthday for your bike, aims to extend your drive system’s durability! As per General service with a complete strip and degrease of the drive. The chain is cleaned and lubed. The cassette and crankset were removed and cleaned in the parts washer. Derailleur cleaned and degreased on the bike.

Parts needed will be an additional cost and possibly increased labor. Spoke replacement and wheel adjustments.

FULL SERVICE (Complete Overhaul ) – $350.00

As the name suggests this is the complete works burger! It’s your birthday and Christmas all at once for your bike our aim is to return your machine to you in as close to new condition as possible.

  • The bike is completely disassembled and rebuilt except for suspension forks or shocks.
  • The frame is striped, cleaned, and given a coat of polish.
  • Any tarnished parts are also polished.
  • All bearings are disassembled, and ball bearings are replaced. (we include the replacement of any ball bearings on the bike)
  • Shifter controls are inspected and cleaned, and lube as necessary
  • Wheels are cleaned, hubs stripped and freehubs oiled
  • Suspension linkages are removed and cleaned

Parts needed will be at additional cost but no labor increase.


There are several ways to do this now.

1) Heavy-duty tubes, kevlar lining, and slime
2) Tannus in various sizes and prices depending on the size of the wheels

E-Bike (Tune-Up) – $75.00+

WHEEL TRUED – $25.00


If you need a repair, or can’t find a part you need to do your own repairs, come into our shop and we’ll help you get back on your bike. 

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