Fiberglass Repair

Our team excels in fiberglass repair, ensuring damaged areas are rebuilt stronger than new using state-of-the-art materials and expert craftsmanship. We use high-quality marine-grade vinyl, various pigments including gel coat clear and neutral base, and advanced techniques in bonding, casting, laminating, and mold making.

Services Offered
  • Tune-ups: Regular maintenance to ensure your jet ski runs smoothly.
  • Fiberglass Repairs: Restoring structural integrity and aesthetic appeal with precision repairs.
  • Pigment Stock: Wide range of colors for perfect color matching.
  • Custom Work: Tailored solutions for unique repair and maintenance needs.

With many years of renting Jet Ski in Mesa and Apache Junction areas, we have repaired countless jet skies we rented out or owned by our customers. Our fiberglass repair process uses industry procedures to ensure the quality of our work. We also offer other jet ski services.