ABC Bicycle and Jet Ski Rentals stand 100% behind our bikes.

At ABC Bicycles, we take great pride in building both our electric and gas-powered motorized bicycles. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to ensure these bikes run perfectly and ride great. Our custom motor mounts take nearly all of the vibration out of the bike. Need to fix your bike? We can repair your bike too!

We sell all types of bicycles, including

Beach Cruisers

Mountain Bikes

Road Bicycles

Fold-Up / Compact Electric Bicycles

The E-Bike is a great bicycle that can be ridden anywhere. It is easy to mount and dismount for both males and females. This bike gets 28 MPH/19 miles (350wt) at a cost of about 10 cents a battery. This bike is great for school as well as work; in fact, most of the staff at ABC Bicycles use them.

Custom Motorized Bicycles

The price depends on the customization. Ex. Motorized Bicycle that runs 150 miles a gallon. We can build the bike you want. 

Three Wheelers

We sell a large variety of three-wheeler bikes. We stock all sizes, 20″, 24″, 26″, and all colors.

Modern Bikes Sales At The Reasonable Price!

ABC Bicycle & Jet Ski Rentals carry the following industrial leading brands.

MEIGI Bikes, Sun Bikes, 3 G Bikes, Bria, Hang Ten, JSL E Bikes, E-Joe

Here you can find some of the bikes we sell. If you do find other bikes from the above brands, which is not listed here. We can get it for you!

meigi bike

2 Wheelers

7609-3.0 - Blue

7609-3.0 - Orange

7609-3.0 - Yellow

C1 - Grey

C1 - White

F1 - Blue

F1 - Grey

F1 - Red



3 Wheelers

MG708 Hera - Blue

MG708 Hera - Red

MG1703 Zeus - black

MG1703 Zeus - White

MG2301 Silverado - Green

MG2301 Silverado - Blue

MG2302 Silverado - Blue

MG2302 Silverado - Green

MG2303 Blazer - Green

MG2303 Blazer - Gold

MG2303 Blazer - White

Sun Bikes

Here are some of the most popular bikes from Sun Bikes:

  • Sun traditional 24″ trike multiple colors available) 
  • Sun traditional 20″ trike (red, blue)
  • Sun Atlas Deluxe 24 ” Yellow, Black
  • Sun Streamway 7 (Pearl white, Pacific Blue)  this bikes also comes in a three speed or a single
  • Sun X3 AX Recumbent or EZ Tri (blue or red)  
  • Sun Baja trike ((Aqua, Graphite)
  • Adams Original Folder 

3G Bikes

Here are some popular bikes from 3G Bikes: 3G Ladies Cruisers, Men’s Cruisers, Kids Cruisers, Men, women City Bikes, Three Wheelers, Tandem Bikes, Unisex Rental Bikes

Emojo bikes

Addmotor bikes

Strider Bikes

We carry Strider bikes that are designed for children 3 to 7 years old and for children
18 months to 5 years old.

Biria Bikes

Easy Boarding (this bike is available in 1, 3, 7 speeds)

JSL E. Bikes

  • Mountain bikes
  • Cruisers

The Most Reputable Bike Repair Shop in Mesa / East Valley

At ABC Bicycle & Jet Ski Rentals in Mesa, our staff are well trained and have many years of experience in custom-build, fixing, and repairing bicycles. Our store has all the parts and proper equipment to get you back on the road very soon.

We also carry a tenth of thousand bicycle accessories for all your need. Simply stop by our Mesa store and check them out. 

ABC Bicycle Parts and Accessories